“The physical boundaries do not limit exploration. A state of mind is not bound by architectural design or location. Creativity is not measured by recognition. A child never stops doing what they like even if no one is looking. This is the innocence we need with fine arts.” ~ Maria Lehtman

In a digital world, we need something concrete, handcrafted. A pen on a white sheet of paper. Ever since childhood, I have been drawing images with layers of flora and fauna. I used to doodle on notebooks during lessons. Very often my classmates asked me to draw something for them.

I draw without Fibonacci sequence or a strict proportional discipline. The drawings and sketches are representations of an experience. I am searching for the joy of drawing without being too serious about it.

On this column, I will share a design every now and then that you are welcome to print out, share, color yourself. If you pay it with a kind referral to my website I’m grateful, but more importantly, the drawings are here to share inspiration.